Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hello, its been a while .....

Nearly a month since I last blogged, but with good reason. We have finally moved house, we've been here a week and nearly got rid of all the boxes! I've even done some gardening in our temporary garden. Now half way through my two week summer holiday we are able to take some time off and have some days out with the kids. So far we have walked across the Forth Bridge, been to the beach and had fish and chips for tea, been to the movies and had dinner out.

Hopefully I will catch up some ideas I have for new blogs and what I have planned while I am in what I have named my Inbetween garden!

Bringing the outdoors in, some flowers from the
plants in the moving troughs

The animals all moved well, we brought six of our chickens and the cockerel with us, having re homed 5 ducks and 8 chickens. David and ben worked hard the week before we moved building a new chicken enclosure and two sheds and a lean too for all our outdoor stuff. The dog and cats are still trying to work out their terratory and the tropical aquarium move went well, all 240 litres, thirty odd fish and four foot long tank of it! We did lose the two silver dollers sadly, our oldest fish.

My new teeny weeny potting shed, a quarter of the size of my last one,
compact and bijou, but a good excuse to have a clear out

Having weedkilled the patio and started sweeping it,
it was good to position some pots to add interest.

Part way through sweeping up the patio

A wee bit of refreshment on a summer evening

Some pots on the study steps to give a tropical feel

Potted herbs at the back door, nice smells when you come out the house

A corner of the kitchen

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