Saturday, 28 June 2014

Rona's Random Ramblings

What a lovely sunny weekend at home. Thankfully my painful back is easing and I can move more comfortably. I am trying not to write morose sad blogs about leaving Easter Mosshat, but when I see ideas and planting plans coming together that have been developing over the years and finally doing what I envisioned just as we are about to leave, its not easy to not feel sad. I also think the plants are having their revenge. The Abies koreana I grew from a seed 14 years ago has its first perfect purple cones this year. An apple tree planted about 10 years ago is fruiting. The delphiniums that struggle are amazing, tall and perfect this year. Hmmmmmm!

Bracken sheltering from a rain shower

So today we are moving all the plants from the greenhouses up to the top of the garden, where they can be loaded into the van when the time comes. I of course in supervisory capacity only while David and Adam wheel plants up in barrows. Benches, old chimney pots and the other random items scattered around the garden to add interest have been gathered into crates and packed. Once the plants were all moved it was on with dismantling the large greenhouse.

The big greenhouse emptied of plants

Honeysuckle and Ox Eye Daisies
Plenty of colour

Open top greenhouse
Team Work

Part of the collection to go
Spot the dog

Two thirds of the collection to go
A third of the collection to go

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